About Us

A Real Estate Development Team Building the Framework of the Future

Founded in 2000, Guardian Companies has been building distinctive communities designed to thrive for years to come. Guided by a farsighted perspective, we develop community plans and work with residents to build homes and commercial spaces that fit harmoniously in the neighborhoods where we work.

We closely collaborate on every aspect of every commercial and residential project, ensuring a detailed plan is in place to guide every step. Backed by deep market research and a close network of partnerships, our projects fit the needs of each local market, bringing a unique level of quality and architectural harmony that give our developments standout desirability. Our spaces are nurturing, guided by our vision to create a richer civic life, provide and connect to comprehensive amenities and offer opportunities to residents and the business community alike.

Guardian currently owns and managers over a $100 million real estate portfolio. Our team represents years of industry knowledge across a wide and unique set of experiences—connected by a common thread of visionary design, careful infrastructure planning, and out-of-the-box creativity for beautiful and solid construction. We are proud of the longstanding relationships we’ve nurtured through the years and through hundreds of transactions to form a reliable and extensive network that enables us to offer a comprehensive and competitive set of services.

Guardian Values

Our mission to build integrated neighborhoods is upheld by our values.

We unflinchingly hold to practices that build trust among our customers, subcontractors, investment partners, peers and communities where we work.

We strive to provide the greatest quality product at the best price we can.

Our future success is determined by our present and past successes, and we perpetuate our business by giving our customers the best service, the best product, and the greatest satisfaction in their choice to work with us.

Communities Where We Work

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We are real estate developers investing in, partnering with and managing developments across key market segments in strategically located markets known for stability and steady growth.

Location surrounded with amenities and opportunities, architecture that fits the local community, construction built to last for generations and a built-in audience of residents and businesses…these are the cornerstones of Guardian Companies development and construction.

Our Team

Ross Malinski
Ross MalinskiCEO
Dan Haugen
Dan HaugenCIO
Scott Hamlin
Scott HamlinCFO
Jeff Vossen
Jeff VossenCOO